PS3Exploit HAN Mirror by







DOWNLOAD HAN SUpport FIles here (5 MB)... extract to root of formatted fat32 flashdisk

First time use:
- Download and copy and extract to formatted FAT32 Flashdisk (put in the root folder of flashdisk)
- Setting your PS3 browser default homepage to `about:blank'
- browser menu - tools - clear cache
- Browse to this url ( and bookmark it or set to default homepage.
- Put your flashdisk to usb port #1 (front-left usb port). - Select han_installer.html, change 'USB Root Path' to /dev_USB001'
- Click Initiize HAN Installer, wait for few secs until finish (green text will appeared in bottom). If Failed, retry.
- Click `launch HAN installation` - Your PS3 machine will auto-reboot.
- A new menu will appears in XMB `game`

To Install .pkg games
step 1
- In your ps3 machine: - Put your flashdisk/external harddrive that contain .pkg in root (FAT32 only)
- Browse to this url (, choose `han_enabler` using browser
- Click Initialize HAN Enabler, wait few secs, if fail retry
- Click Enable HAN, if success -- your browser will autoclose. *for pkg from webserver

step 2 (USB)
- Browse to this url (, choose `adbgpkg_enabler`
- Click Initialize HAN debug PKG Enabler, wait till finish, if fail, retry
- Click Enable Debug PKG

step 3, installing pkg games
Select game - *package manager - install package files - standard - select your .pkg games.
If no pkg files found, use powered external hardrive (sata hdd with docking) or use big flashdisk.
Caution: installation will take 4 minutes to 15 minutes; depend on .pkg size. Usualy big-games will split into many .pkg with _partX file name.